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Now im sure , im the only one still checking this good old forum :D
New raid recruiting comming Soon(tm). Feel free to apply we are also a casual guild!
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Welcome to Deathwing's Nemesis!

Deathwing's Nemesis started all the way back in Vanilla. Now, 6 years later, we are still here and finally meeting our arch enemy Deathwing!

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Guild clean up rules

DWNChanlee, Dec 10, 11 10:33 AM.

It is December 2011 and the new patch 4.3 is out.

A lot went away to await the patch 4.3 is out and some await even till the new expansion Mist of Pandaria is out.
Due to this fact there will be new rules to hold the guild up and running with a social part that has a lot of active members online. Also we try to maintain the raid part up.
The part what is always a negative part of and for a guild is the "Inactive members'. Quantity over quality is a known saying and applies here. We like active members, not the sleeping ones.

Therefore the underneath rules will apply of today. (exceptions are taken in to matters by the leading people)

1. When a char hasn’t been around for 1 month, this char will be placed on "inactive"

2. When a char hasn’t been around for 2 months, this char will by on the first day of the 3th month be kicked out of the guild.

3. When a char has been kicked out. If the person is gonna play again and want back in to the guild, he or she is allowed to come back in by one of the officers alt or higher ranked in the guild.

Legendary Pie's (rank)
Then we still have the members in the guild that stand over a longer time "inactive as more then the above time period.
For those we know off to come back on the new expansion of Mist of Pandaria or a bit after.
We have made a time frame of 2 months after the release. So they have a fair change to come back. If the time frame of 2 months have past, then those will be kicked out of the guild as well and above rules will apply accordingly.

This article is made public, so all none signed up to the DWN Forum can see it and can't say after we haven’t places a warning up.

I wish you a lots of raids all and good loot and have fun in the new Patch!


Creating our new raid roster

DWNShikan, Oct 28, 11 3:02 AM.
Dear guildies,

As stated by Chanlee's post below and by the guild motd raiding has been on hold for a while.
We've recruited some new people and geared up some others.
Now we think it's time to our facts straight and begin with setting up our new raid roster. To be able to do this we (the officers) need a better overview of who wants to raid and in which role.

So head over to the forums and reply to my post in the members only section please (Creating the raid roster).

Cya all in-game later,

Vice GM

Important news concerning DWN Raiding

DWNChanlee, Oct 1, 11 3:52 PM.

Dear DWN members,

Your attention for the underneath information

It maybe haven’t been unnoticed passing you by, but we are a social guild and a social raid guild, that means we aren’t a hard core raid guild, but still a raid guild in overall.

In the past we had a raid team that was made out of solid group of steady raiders and willing to get all as one team to that point we wanted to go. Like killing the bosses and getting gear to get there.

DWN still has a raid group but lacks members in there. We need tank's, dps and range dps and healers.

Preparing for raiding T11 & T12

I ask on all of you that read this and are interested to raid and has also told us in advance they was interested in raiding, but hasn’t signed any raid yet to do this now.
Some of you want to raid but aren’t geared enough still and is still a part of you doesn’t dare to come to a raid as not even to a alt raid. While you can taste what raiding is as it is a team effort.

For those I can say we will make groups if plenty are willing to do hc's and get valor points and also then to old T11 raids to get the necessary head or shoulder pieces and upgrades if needed, for we can let you come to the T12 raids as Firelands.

Epic weapons orb runs in the making
If we do hc's I will tank it on my paladin and gain the orbs for BS so I can make epic weapons for those that needs them for there char to upgrade for the raids. See here for also in guild tab by Franciscus the Blacksmithing plans of those epic weapons you so want to have for your chars.

Patch 4.3 coming / 5 new instances
Also we will look forward to the patch 4.3 as there will be 5 new instances to do. Meaning new gear and upgrade's. In a team you can do more things then solo or with pugs as then you know you have a problem and with in the rules of a guild it is best to see as who needs the upgrade the most and has earned it.

In overall said
So if you are serious in becoming a raider we will help you to become that. But it needs also doings of yourself and effort in that as we cant carry you if you don’t want to be carried.
We are a guild and a team. Let make it work as other wise I have to look outside the guild to people to join and fill the spots for those that I rather have filled by a guild member that want that spot, but doesn’t dare to do it or come forward. This is your chance now.
As after this it is to late. As I rather give the spot to a guild member that is in the guild already then a new bee from outside that comes to steal your place in a way.

Join the guild forum

Also I like all members of the guild to sign in to the forum as not only raids will be in the calendar in time as it all depends on you also as what we can make and do. So Join the Guild forum or stay beside the line and has no voice in the big pile of members we have.

In-game email
Write me in-game a mail or in the forum if you wanna sign-up for this.


Guildleader CQ raidleader

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